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Cyber Security has no more remain a choice and as a nation we has no more option for failure in security while traditional ways of cyber security are fast eliminating, the new culture of integrated working with in organization (SOC, SEIM, SOAR etc.) based on threat intelligence is promoting to active cyber security then reactive cyber security.

Center of Information Technology Private Limited, 25 years old IT education institution had established CIT-CERT Coordination Center (C4P) in 2019 with the following objectives.

  • Contributing to the development of CERTs Response Teams in Pakistan.
  • Facilitating the development of Incident Response Methods and Education.
  • Linking the CERTs with International CERTs in Respective Domains.
  • Training on Latest security assessment methods and tools.
  • Leading in developing graduate cybersecurity education.
  • Conducting insider threat research and education.
  • Directing malware analysis and defense methods.
  • Organizing Cyber Drills and CTF Competitions.
  • Cyber Range Trainings

After the issuance of Cyber Security Policy by the government of Pakistan, now the next era of establishing organizational CERT, sectorial CERT has started and catching up very fast.
CIT-CERT Coordination Center (C4P) has started a series of training programs and providing solutions for building the capacity of organizations for integrated Cyber Secure Pakistan. Everybody is welcome to join the program.


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